A Year of Yoga: January 30, 2014

Pose: Upward Facing Dog

Location: Living Room piano. This piano was made in 1905. So it is well over 100 years old. We acquired it for free from a friend who works for an old church in Fullerton; the kind that had a piano in every Sunday school room. When the church was renovating they were getting rid of all these pianos and we were lucky enough to be the recipients of this beautiful piece of history. We planned for Lulu to take piano lessons on it. She took piano lessons for 2 years and from what I could tell she didn’t learn much. I don’t blame the piano teachers. She’s just the kind of kid that was less interested in the theory (she was also playing flute, guitar, and violin at the time). She wanted to be able to play the songs she liked. So she just basically figured them out. I do think the lessons were a good foundation because she is now the sort of piano player that sits down and figures out how to play a song and then nails it. I always wished I could do that. She plays show tunes, Adele, Taylor Swift, and whatever else 16 year old girls listen to….and sings at the same time. I plan to pass this piano on to her someday. I hope it stays in the family for another 100 years.

And that is my dog Princess Toph laying on my yoga mat making her first cameo in my Year of Yoga.

Photography Credit: Momo


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