Twenty Seven

A Year of Yoga: January 27, 2014

Pose: Fish

Location: Fullerton Arboretum. This lovely grassy spot next to the pond is a favorite. My best memories here are of doing yoga. I started practicing yoga 2 years ago when I took a class for credit at Cal State Fullerton (where the Arboretum is). During the semester long, twice a week class, our teacher would often ask who in the class would prefer to practice outside in the arboretum. Being the outdoorsy type I was always quick to raise my hand. Unfortunately not many others in the class of 40 or so seemed interested. So the 6 or 8 of us that wanted to, would head out here to this spot with the teaching assistant. They were always the best classes though because the distraction of the silly, giggling, eye-rolling girls I ended up sitting near, was removed. Clearly they were not the outdoorsy types. Incidentally, the teaching assistant, who was a novice at the time, ended up becoming a certified yoga instructor and I now get to take his class each week at the gym.

Photography Credit: me (iPhone 5 and gorilla pod)


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