Twenty One

A Year of Yoga: January 21, 2014

Pose: Easy

Location: My kitchen wine alcove. I find myself with a great deal to say about this picture. Today was a stressful day. I spent a large portion of my day starting the process of applying for a tourist visa for Europe. The rule is, if you’re going to be there for longer than 90 days, you have to apply for a visa. I counted the days today (multiple times to make sure). We will be in Europe for 143 days. It works out to about 1/3 of the total days in 2014. In order for us to be there legally, we need passports, letters from employers, letters from insurance companies, the actual roundtrip airline tickets (seriously?), the confirmations for where we’ll be staying, a complete itinerary, bank statements (the kind you get in the mail – who the fu&k gets their bank statements still mailed to them?), 4 applications filled out with the same exact information except the first names (my hand hurts); kind of feels like a blood pact is happening here. We are seriously considering just being illegal immigrants….hey! It works in California! No but seriously, after all that plus therapy and my Lulu’s play rehearsal running 35 minutes late (without a phone call to parents), this is the pose today called for. I also just want to say, I love my orange kitchen. I love the wine rack I picked up at a garage sale for $20 and that my husband painted periwinkle (even though we were going for cobalt).  I love the painting on the wall that Lulu did in art class with her cousin and Nana. I am really going to miss this little spot in my house. Namaste and Salud!

Photography Credit: Lulu


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