A Year of Yoga: January 16, 2014

Pose: Marichi’s Pose

Location: Tri City Park. This park is on the border of Placentia, Fullerton and Brea, hence the name. This was my favorite park to bring my kids when they were little. We tried to teach Lulu to ride a bike here but she crashed and declared she would never ride a bike again. We had Momo’s 4th birthday party here on the hottest Labor Day ever. I have photos on my wall of my kids at this park when they were 7 and 1 going down the slide together. This is the park where they learned to swing, dig in the sand with sticks, play “store” with other kids using pinecones for currency, and where I have had many good cups of coffee and conversations with other moms. Tri-City Park also has a dark side. It is ruled over by the meanest gang…I mean gaggle of geese. They will attack small children clutching the heels of bread and any duck lucky enough to make it to a breadcrumb before them. They will not move out of your way if you are walking around the lake. In fact, they gather together to block the path and look like they’re daring you to keep going. I usually just walk in the grass and give them a wide berth. Even today on my bike, they seriously wouldn’t get out of my way. These geese are not to be trifled with. I admit, I’m afraid of them.

Photography Credit: me (iPhone 5 and gorilla pod).


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