A Year of Yoga: January 13, 2014

Pose: Mermaid

Location: Cal State Fullerton – North Lawn. This is a side of campus I hardly ever come to. I don’t think I ever noticed this sculpture before and I knew nothing about it, but I love big installation art, so I did a little research. It is the same artist that made this somewhat famous sculpture in the Chicago area. Sadly, that work was torn down to build a Walgreens, despite local efforts to save it. I was also sad to discover the artist died a few years ago at a fairly young age due to pancreatic cancer. You can read a nice article about him here. So now I am glad to know he has a legacy at my home away from home.

Artist: Dustin Shuler

Location: Lawn north of Pollak Library

Installation: 2003

Materials: Salvaged fuel ship

Acquisition: On indefinite loan by artist

Photography Credit: me (iphone 5 & gorilla pod)


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