A Year of Yoga: January 8, 2014

Pose: Revolved Chair

Location: Wednesday morning Farmers Market. I have been coming here regularly on Wednesday mornings for a long time. So this past semester having a Wed morning class that prevented me from doing my weekly produce shopping here was really disappointing. Makes me wonder how I’m going to cope with having a big girl, 8 – 5 career. Today was my first time back since summer. This market prides itself on being open rain or shine all year long. There are so many good vendors here; farm fresh eggs, fruit trees, flowers, seasonal fruits and veggies, almonds, honey…it’s fabulous. If you live in the area and find yourself available on a Wednesday morning, you should really check it out…especially in the summer. Usually in the winter months there are half as many vendors, so I was surprised at how lively it was today. We enjoyed some homemade black bean tamales with salsa verde and brought home some yummy winter veggies (kale…yum! brussel sprouts…yum! a green tomato…can’t wait!). The other nice thing about this location is that it is an easy bike ride from my house. If anyone wants to join me on a Wednesday morning Farmer’s Market bike ride in Fullerton….you are more than welcome!

Photo Credit: Brandon F.


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